Wheel balancing, wheel alignment & tyre fitting Newport

Looking for tyre balancing and wheel alignment Newport? We specialise in tyre fitting, balancing and wheel alignment at competitive prices. It is important that tyres and wheels are maintained to ensure safety, performance, comfort and durability. Our local garage in Newport offers a speedy service performed by qualified mechanics. So, if you need your tyres balanced, wheels aligned or are looking for tyre fitting at affordable prices, pop along to Welsh Coast Customs. 

Tyre fitting Newport

Need a local garage for tyre fitting Newport? We supply and fit high quality car tyres from a range of well-known tyre manufacturers. In addition, we can fit a wide range of car tyre sizes and have equipment that allows us to fit up to 22″ rim. Call us today for the best tyres prices.

Wheel balancing

If you are looking for wheel balancing at competitive prices, visit Welsh Coast Customs. We offer top quality tyre balancing affordable prices to customers throughout Newport and South Wales. 

What is wheel balancing? 

Tyre balancing at is the process of ensuring that the wheel is even around the axle. Our mechanics achieve this process by placing small weights into various points of the wheel. If you notice uneven tyre wear or tyre wobble at 40-50mph, it is likely that your wheels need re-balancing.

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Why is wheel balancing important?

Wheel balancing is highly important for safety reasons. Modern vehicles will require regular checks more often as they are made from lighter materials. Modern tyre design is an additional factor that can lead to issues with the wheel balancing. Small tyre imbalances can cause discomfort to passengers when in the vehicle, as the car may feel like it is shaking, making an uncomfortable ride. Unbalanced tyres mean the tread will wear unevenly and you could find yourself replacing tyres more often. We can save you money with our affordable tyre balancing services.

Wheel alignment

If you are looking for affordable wheel alignment look no further than Welsh Coast Customs in Newport. Wheel alignment is simply the angle or direction in which wheels are set. A poorly aligned wheel can result in the vehicles road holding deteriorating. Additionally, it can also increase fuel consumption and decrease tyre lifespan.

Welsh Coast Customs offer affordable wheel alignment services to all local customers in Newport and South Wales. For more information on any of our wheel alignment services simply give us a call and see how we can help.

Why is wheel alignment important?

There are many important reasons why you should have regular wheel alignment checks. By taking the time to have a wheel alignment service done, you can prevent the following issues.

• Harsh shuddering of your vehicle
• Vibration through steering wheel
• Vehicle pulling to one side when braking
• Rattling noises
• Uncomfortable drive
• Tyres wearing unevenly
• Difficulty in vehicle handling
• Tyres to wear much quicker
• Expensive bills on new tyres
• Your steering pulling to the side frequently

Wheel alignment services are advised more for modern cars, due to their lightweight materials. However, it is still important for all vehicles to undergo this service.

If any of these issues apply to you give us a call today on 01633 841484 where a member of our expert team will be happy to help you.

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